Our Story

As long as we can remember, the quick movements between the feet and a ball have mesmorized us!

In 2008 we organized a weekly event called Monday In The Lot.  Anyone who loved the sport or simply wanted to play could show up…And show up they did.  A range of skills and styles were showed off that night.  Players from Brazil to Hawaii to Japan came to play.  The energy, the excitement, the enthusiasm filled the environment.  From that night on we knew we needed to provide a space where we could foster diverse cultures, develop skills and appreciate different styles.  

When we learned about Futsal and how countries around the world used this sport for their youngest ages to develop quick thinking and amazing skills we knew we had to add it to our arsenal.  The skill needed to play the quick game could be transfered to the big field further developing our players.  Futsal became an everyday obession for us.

Since the days of Monday In The Lot, we continue to foster the love of the game through events, tournaments, leagues, trips, trainings and camps so players of all ages can play the beautiful game.