Welcome to the home of soccer and futsal excellence! At Skills FC, we offer competitive youth soccer and futsal programs designed to inspire passion, build skill, and ignite dreams. As part of our club, your child will have the opportunity to play in the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association’s Fall and Spring leagues, participate in dynamic Hispanic leagues, and be part of a squad competing in the prestigious U17 United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) Academy League.

Our programs go beyond the traditional understanding of youth sports. They are designed to foster a love for the game, promote healthy competition, and instill values of discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. From basic drills to advanced techniques, we nurture our players’ skills in a fun, inclusive, and challenging environment.

United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) Academy League

In our U17 UPSL Academy League, we provide a unique platform for young athletes to play and grow in a high-level competitive setting. Here, they get to learn from the best coaches, play against top-notch teams, and get a feel of the big leagues.

Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA)

Our participation in the MYSA Fall and Spring leagues offers our players the experience of local competition while enhancing their game understanding, technical skills, and love for soccer.

Hispanic Leagues

To provide our players with a diverse range of soccer experiences, we also participate in competitive Hispanic leagues. This exposure to different styles of play equips our players with an enriched understanding of the game and broadens their skillset.

Futsal Excellence

As advocates of comprehensive football development, we believe in the importance of futsal in honing technical skills and quick decision-making abilities. Our futsal teams compete at the highest level of competition in the United States, participating in United Futsal Regional, National, and World Tournaments.

Adult UPSL Teams

At Skills FC, we are all about long-term player development. That’s why we offer opportunities for our players to continue their soccer journey into adulthood, with our adult teams competing in the UPSL.

Join Skills FC and give your child the opportunity to learn, compete, and grow in a nurturing yet challenging environment. With us, they will not just play soccer; they will live it. Make the best move for your child’s soccer future and sign up today!