UPSL Midwest West Division 1 
June 11, 2023, 7:00 pm
Skills FC UPSL - Men
0 - 1
18×26 Academy
Dakota County Technical College
Skills FC - UPSL Division 1

Match Report

Skills FC vs 18×26: An Exciting Display of Passion and Determination

Skills FC faced off against 18×26 Academy in a United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) match that was as electrifying as it was tense. Both teams showed remarkable resolve, providing the fans with an exceptional display of skill and strategy.

Despite an impressive effort from Skills FC, the game ended with a close score of Skills FC 0 – 18×26 Academy 1. The entire match was attack-driven, with both teams pushing the boundaries of their offensive capabilities. The defenses, too, stood resolute, denying several goal-scoring opportunities and showcasing some great teamwork.

While the result wasn’t what we hoped for, Coach Jason Popkin’s words post-match reminded us of the progress Skills FC has made. “We are close to where we want to be,” he said. “We have a solid squad, and we are playing great soccer. Now we need to find the back of the net”.

The game was indeed a spectacle, full of intensity and heart. It was a testament to the level of competition in the UPSL and how far Skills FC has come as a team. Special mentions go to our players who gave their all on the field. The unwavering support of our fans, even in defeat, shows the strong community behind Skills FC.

As we gear up for our next games, we are optimistic about Skills FC’s potential and look forward to turning our hard work into victories. Your continued support means everything to us. Let’s rally behind Skills FC as they continue their journey in the UPSL.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, Go Skills FC!